COVID Response and Safety

The Otten is taking extra precautions as the emergency order is being strengthened. Fighting against Covid-19 has been an uphill battle, and we are proactive in keeping people safe in our communities. The recent wave of new COVID-19 cases has been extensive in the Kansas City area and has caused new measures to be put into place by our city council for our safety.

Taking extra precautions

All attendees and staff of events—no matter the size—must follow masking and social distancing requirements. While events are no longer required to submit a mitigation plan, the Kansas City Health Department will be available for consultation to ensure safety at these events. Provided all attendees follow masking and social distancing guidelines, there is no upper limit on gathering size.
The event team at the Otten has been monitoring the pandemic closely and unfortunately, COVID-19 cases and deaths have dramatically increased over the last few weeks in Kansas City. Because of the increasing severity of the situation throughout our region, it is necessary to take stronger measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 together with our other patrons and neighbors.

In addition to following and updating our policies to these new protocols, we have also taken additional steps to sanitize and disinfect our event space. Hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes are available upon request, and we are taking extra steps to protect with a local Nano-Tech Solution

The Solution utilized is an antiviral, antibacterial solution that creates a nano-tech barrier that germs cannot penetrate. We have technicians spray every corner and square foot of the Otten every month and ensure the space is clean before and after every event. We have treated the Otten with a monthly antiviral solution that lasts for 30 days of continual germ-killing protection on every surface.

We are dedicated to taking every extra measure to ensure that you are safe before, during, and after each event.
2018 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64108